After five years of nine different seminars, we’re at the point where the next level is a hands-on college. You’ll submit your case in advance and then come to a two-day course. Course groups are fewer than eight participants each. You’ll have expertly guided on-your-feet experience in working with your case on the topic of the particular course — Such as Openings, Rules, Focus Groups, etc.


Rules are used throughout all the other courses, so it’s the mandatory prerequisite to all the other courses. We offer the Rules course often. And if you’d like, in just one trip to Atlanta you can participate in the Rules course for two days, followed by a second two-day course in another subject. See Schedule.

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  • Elective Course - Employment

  • KBC GRADUATE - Closing

  • KBC GRADUATE - Cross Exam

  • Elective Course - MIST

  • Course #12: Damages

    The newest addition to the comprehensive Keenan Ball College small-group Courses, the Damages course will equip you to get the most for your client. Damages will explain why jurors give the way that they do and teach you how to motivate them to give what your client deserves. As with all KBC courses, you’ll get hands-on guidance developing and optimizing Damages tactics for your cases.

  • Course #11: TRIAL

    The Keenan Ball College Trial course, Course #11, covers Voir Dire through Closing by putting together the pieces of the other courses. You will be required, again, to get on your feet and present direct & cross exam, as well as parts of your openings and closing. Taught only by instructors that have used these methods to take a case to trial and win, this course will teach you to use everything you’ve learned in the Keenan Ball College for success at trial..

  • Course #10: CODES

    Knowing the predisposition of experts and witnesses on the part of the juror to all persons and things involved in the trial is absolutely essential. In Course #10 you will learn, by use of your own case, how to embed the code for all important aspects of your case to include but not limited to use in Voir Dire, Openings, Order of Proof, Lay Witnesses, Experts, Defendants, Closing Arguments, and lastly, Jury Charges. Essentially, you will learn how to embed codes in every aspect of trial. .

  • Course #9: Mediation & Settlements

    In Course #9, Through a case that you bring, you will learn the psychology of settlements – what works and what doesn’t. By role playing the defense lawyer and mediator, this course will teach you to forcefully show the powerful issues in your case, present the visual case, and the principal of moving money. Additionally, you will come to understand the preconditions to mediation that lead to effective and successful presentation of your case.

  • Course #7: Experts / Cross Examination

    In our small-group “Experts” course, you’ll master the criteria for finding and ultimately selecting strong experts, as well as for determining if your case would benefit from hiring an expert witness, what kinds and how many would be best, and how to tell in advance if they’ll be what you need them to be. You’ll also get hands-on, one-on-one coaching as you practice direct and cross examination techniques while role playing with actual expert witnesses.

  • Course #8: Demonstrative Evidence

    In small-group Course #8, you’ll learn how to make demonstrative evidence work effectively in your current and future cases by mastering the ins, the outs, the how-tos, and the how-not-tos of this pivotal part of trial practice. Keenan Ball College professors will guide you through the principles visual demonstrative evidence as well as selecting the best kinds of demonstrative evidence for the particular case you’re working on. You gain special expertise in understanding where during mediation and trial to deploy your demonstratives, and how to evaluate and work with demonstrative-exhibit companies.

  • Course #6: Witness Prep

    In the Keenan Ball College’s small-group “Witness Prep” course, you’ll learn Keenan’s art and science of effective witness prep. You’ll learn that when it comes to testifying, there’s no such thing as a bad client. On the contrary, you’ll be coached through turning your client into your best witness. David Ball calls this game-changer one of the most fundamentally important things you’ll ever learn as a trial lawyer. You’ll get one-on-one guidance in giving your witnesses the confidence and practice they need to face even the deftest of cross-examiners in both deposition and trial. You’ll learn to size up your witnesses, establish the right kind of rapport with them, appraise their testimony, anticipate and handle problems, and maximize strengths. You’ll get one-on-one coaching in practicing the steps of the Keenan Method of Witness Prep either with actual clients or paid actors. However, a prerequisite to this Course is that you must have watched or purchased Keenan’s Witness Prep DVDs before enrolling in this Course.

  • Course #5: Depositions

    In Keenan Ball College’s “Depositions” small-group course, our Faculty will work one-on-one with you and your current case to maximize your depositions. We’ll coach you through creating your hit list, deciding on and carrying out your question format, and using the deposition process and results to assemble and fine tune your direct and cross outlines for trial. You’ll learn many key deposition techniques — and role play with actual deponents as you’re individually coached with such important matters as guiding your witness in the skills needed to field intimidating questions.

  • Course #4: Voir Dire

    In the small-group setting of Course #4, you’ll develop the necessary skills to make your Voir Dire successful in each of its purposes. You’ll get individual hands-on coaching in how to develop – and ask – strong Voir Dire questions that unearth the critical details of each potential juror. You’ll master the best ways to conduct Voir Dire under the individual guidance of our Keenan Ball College professors as you practice while role playing with our paid jury participants.

  • Course #3: Focus Groups

    In Course #3, Keenan Ball College faculty will work individually with you in your small group, in conducting focus groups for your current case using our proven techniques. You’ll learn to maximize every focus group experience, and to make your focus groups cost-effective and efficient. You’ll present your case to actual focus group participants for their feedback, so you can make maximum use of all Keenan Ball strategies and methods. You’ll see how to identify biases and prejudices, what to do about them, and which ones can most affect case outcome. And you’ll see real-world reactions to evidence, and see which elements of your case to emphasize for maximum impact.

  • Course #2: Openings & Order of Proof

    In Course #2, small-group sessions with one-on-one faculty guidance will create and sharpen, resharpen, and sharpen again your opening statement based on the Ball Method. In the safe, supportive, challenging context of your small group you’ll create and refine each element of your opening, leaving the defense nowhere to hide. And because how you perform is as important as what you say. faculty will also individually coach you in effective on-your-feet delivery.

  • Course #1: Rules & Case Selection

    The first of ten comprehensive Keenan Ball College small-group courses, Rules & Case Selection provides the foundation for our other nine courses. In small-group, one-on-one extended sessions with faculty you’ll practice case selection criteria for future prospective cases and for empowering and framing your current case through trial. You’ll also get hands-on guidance developing and optimizing the Rules for your case, maximizing their value, learning to protect them from objections even in stipulated liability cases, and deploying them like heat-seeking missiles.

Academic Calendar

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3apr - 4apr 38:30 amapr 4Course #2: Openings & Order of Proof
5apr - 6apr 58:30 amapr 6Course #4: Voir Dire
18apr - 19apr 188:30 amapr 19Course #1: Rules & Case Selection
20apr - 21apr 208:30 amapr 21Course #6: Witness Prep
24apr - 25apr 248:30 amapr 25Course #12: Damages
26apr - 27apr 268:30 amapr 27Course #11: TRIAL