Course #8: TRIAL

The Keenan Ball College Trial course, Course #8, covers Voir Dire through Closing by putting together the pieces of the other courses. You will be required, again, to get on your feet and present direct & cross exam, as well as parts of your openings and closing. Taught only by instructors that have used these methods to take a case to trial and win, this course will teach you to use everything you’ve learned in the Keenan Ball College for success at trial.

SCHOLARSHIPS: We offer two scholarships for Course #8, secure in knowing that early scholarship recipients will one day find themselves in the financial position to sponsor future Keenan Ball College named scholarships. To apply to receive a scholarship for this course, please click here

Course #1 is a prerequisite to Course #8 and all other Keenan Ball College courses.

Reptile Intro Seminar – Welcome to the Revolution (ONLINE)

Keenan Ball College Course 1 – Rules & Case Selection

From The Keenan Edge 1

  • Chapter 17 – “Reptile in Trial” (Articles A-G)

From The Keenan Edge 2

  • Chapter 16 – “Reptile in Trial”

Additional items you need to prepare for course submissions:

  • A summary of your case.
  • The rules for your case that you have developed.
  • The latest draft of your opening statement.
  • Jury instructions for your case.
  • Any focus group summaries you may have for your case.