Course #6: Witness Prep

In the Keenan Ball College’s small-group “Witness Prep” course, you’ll learn Keenan’s art and science of effective witness prep. You’ll learn that when it comes to testifying, there’s no such thing as a bad client. On the contrary, you’ll be coached through turning your client into your best witness. David Ball calls this game-changer one of the most fundamentally important things you’ll ever learn as a trial lawyer. You’ll get one-on-one guidance in giving your witnesses the confidence and practice they need to face even the deftest of cross-examiners in both deposition and trial. You’ll learn to size up your witnesses, establish the right kind of rapport with them, appraise their testimony, anticipate and handle problems, and maximize strengths. You’ll get one-on-one coaching in practicing the steps of the Keenan Method of Witness Prep either with actual clients or paid actors. However, a prerequisite to this Course is that you must have watched or purchased Keenan’s Witness Prep DVDs before enrolling in this Course.

SCHOLARSHIPS: We offer two scholarships for Course #6, secure in knowing that early scholarship recipients will one day find themselves in the financial position to sponsor future Keenan Ball College named scholarships. To apply to receive a scholarship for Course #6, please click here.

Reptile Intro Seminar – Welcome to the Revolution (live or recorded)

  • This seminar is a prerequisite for all Keenan Ball College Courses
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Keenan Ball College Course 1 – Rules & Case Selection

From The Keenan Edge 1

  • “How a Family Tree Can Be Important In Your Case” (chpt 7)

From The Keenan Edge 2

  • Your Client’s Contributory or Comparative Negligence: Embrace It, It’s a Gift” (chpt 2)
  • “Death, Dying and Grief” (chpt 7)
  • Chapter 8- “Witness Prep”
  • “Wealthy Clients” (chpt 9)

Additional items you need to prepare for course submissions:

  • A summary of your case.
  • The rules for your case that you have developed.