Course #7: Mediation & Settlements

In Course #7, Through a case that you bring, you will learn the psychology of settlements – what works and what doesn’t. By role playing the defense lawyer and mediator, this course will teach you to forcefully show the powerful issues in your case, present the visual case, and the principal of moving money. Additionally, you will come to understand the preconditions to mediation that lead to effective and successful presentation of your case.

SCHOLARSHIPS: We offer scholarships for Course #7, secure in knowing that early scholarship recipients will one day find themselves in the financial position to sponsor future Keenan Ball College named scholarships. To apply to receive a scholarship for Course #7, please click here

Reptile Intro Seminar – Welcome to the Revolution (ONLINE)

KBC #1 Rules and Case Selection course (LIVE)

  • This seminar and College Course are a prerequisite for this Keenan Ball College Course
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From The Keenan Edge 1

  • Chapter 15 – “Settlement” (Articles A, B, E)
  • Chapter 16 – “Mediation”
  • “Reptile and the Small Cases” (chpt 6)

From The Keenan Edge 1

  • Chapter 15 – “Mediation”

Additional items you need to prepare for course submissions:

  • A summary of your case.
  • The rules for your case that you have developed.
  • Jury instructions for your case.