Elective Course – Employment

The employment course is one of our specialized courses and is an elective course.


In 2017 The Reptile offered its first Reptile in Employment course in Dallas. This seminar included speakers over a 2 day period who shared their tips, tactics successes, and lessons learned in applying The Reptile to their Employment case.  The demand for this seminar was so great that we have decided to offer it at KBC as well.


SCHOLARSHIPS: We offer two scholarships for this elective, secure in knowing that early scholarship recipients will one day find themselves in the financial position to sponsor future Keenan Ball College named scholarships. To apply to receive a scholarship for the Employment course, please click here.

TUITION: $1,400

*A $50 late fee is added to all applications received within 2 weeks of the 1st day of the seminar.
Your application is not complete until payment is received.