Jim Lyons

Jonesboro, AR

I attended law school at Vanderbilt University and received my J.D. in 1977. Following that I worked in NYC for approximately two years before returning to Arkansas to being my own practice in my hometown. Since then I have been practicing in many areas, but with a concentration in the business area until the last few years, when I have increased my Plaintiff’s personal injury practice. This change is purely as the result of the teachings of Don Keenan and David Ball. I attended my first Welcome to the Revolution Seminar in late 2010 and was immediately drawn to the practice using these tremendous trial techniques. I have always enjoyed learning and, thus, have improved my ability as a trial lawyer and my ability to communicate with jurors as a result of attending 10 + Keenan and Balls seminars and college courses. My only regret in regard to these revolutionary techniques is the length of time that I practiced without the knowledge it is has provided me.

Don, David, Chris Stombaugh and David Hoey have increased my enjoyment of the practice and the fulfillment that accompanies a good result and helping a client in need. This is a tremendous body of work because it allows attorneys to improve themselves as lawyers, their enjoyment of the practice while substantially increasing the likelihood of success and the results for injured clients. I am truly honored to be asked to be on the faculty to teach these techniques to others so that they may have the opportunity to use this for the benefit of their clients for a much longer period than I will be able to.