Len Gabbay


Len Gabbay is a nationally recognized trial lawyer who knows how to try a personal injury case.
“Presenting a case, whether to the insurance company adjuster pre-suit or to a jury in trial, means knowing our clients and our clients’ stories. Our firm is not a ‘mill firm’ that takes every case that comes in the door. Our mission is to give our clients the effort and the care that we would want if we were in their situation. Our client testimonials are the proudest honors.”

Mr. Gabbay also takes the time and has the ability to make the most complex cases simple. “The way we try cases makes complete sense – not just to the judge, but more importantly to our jurors. We try an honest case, and our juries appreciate it and respond to our efforts to show them why their verdict for our client makes sense.” Gabbay is also well-respected by Judges, especially Judges in Travis and Williamson Counties where he practices most.

Len Gabbay is not only a gifted trial lawyer, but he gives back to the community in more ways than one. “We look at each client’s case as a way of making sure that our community is made safe for all of us. I have a son and a daughter in middle school and soon to be in high school. They are out on the roadways every day. If, through my profession, I can help make our roadways and communities safer for my kids, their friends, and their teachers, etc., then I will have done my part.

Gabbay also gives back to the community by sponsoring College Scholarships each year for students who are on the path to the legal profession. “With our scholarships, we recognize young and thoughtful students who are going to make an impact in their community through the practice of law. It’s refreshing to see caring and intelligent young men and women knowing that they can be the difference through hard work.”

Len Gabbay is also a teacher – and volunteers his time to give back to his profession. Gabbay trains lawyers throughout the country in trial advocacy courses and advanced trial presentation techniques. “I especially love seeing trial lawyers who have been practicing for 30 or 40 years come to us to learn. When I see these experienced trial attorneys have an inevitable ‘AH HA! Moment’ it makes the time and the effort all worth it. I love it.”

Mr. Gabbay uses modern technology to convey information about your accident and takes full advantage of e-courtrooms to show video, PowerPoint, and other media presentations to present your case to judge and jury. His commitment to your well being makes him an effective trial lawyer.